Energy Shifting Sessions are a possible combination of Judy's skills using 

Sound & Healing tuning forks,
Light-Life Technology tools
Reiki Energy
Essential oils
Stones &/or Crystals
Judy's line of self formulated chakra oils.

Q: How do I prepare for a session?

A: Relax.

Once you are confirmed for an appointment, you will be emailed the particulars

Q: What information do I need to provide to you before a session?

A: Prior to confirmation, consent forms will be emailed to you

Q: What happens in a session?

A: You, the client will be laying down , fully clothed at all times. relaxing

Q: What are the results of a session ?
A: There are many , mainly less stress, more relaxation
Details will be emailed to the client upon confirmation

Q:What is the length of time & cost of a session

A: 60 Minutes $92.00
90 Minutes $128.00

Q: Where do sessions take place?

A: A private studio- Brunswick NY

Q: What happens after a session?

A: You rest if possible, and enjoy the energies.

Q: Are testimonials available ?

A: Yes, Simply ask.


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